Good News

    I am currently in talks with a company in Asheville NC, to get these children's books to the printed page.  Greatful Steps publishing is a non profit organization that helps fledgling authors reach their goal to become published authors.  I was intrigued when I heard about this. The company was mentioned in a spotlight segment on the local news, explaining what Greatful Steps does.  Remembering how I could have  used a service like this when I first published my books, I had an idea.

   The proposed Idea is that in a joint venture, we would combine efforts to publish the books, with all profits going to Greatful Steps as funding to carry on their crusade to help authors succeed with their goals and dreams. To accomplish this, we will be setting up an account on line to begin a fund raiser for the cost of publishing, and would greatly appreciate support in this from you, the fans of my work.  stay tuned for updates for this, and thanks

Kids Books Downloads

Starting after the first of the year, all of the books I have written for the kids club will be available here for free reading. As time allows, artwork for each story will be added for more family fun

Itan and the Sea Nymph

Sophia and the Dragon

Paws the Circus Pup

The Kids of North Carolina