Kids Books Downloads

Starting after the first of the year, all of the books I have written for the kids club will be available here for free reading. As time allows, artwork for each story will be added for more family fun

Itan and the Sea Nymph

Sophia and the Dragon

Paws the Circus Pup

The Kids of North Carolina

Kidz Klub updates

Due to the hectic schedule of summer, we have decided to postpone the kidz klub meetings until August after school starts back. I hope to see everyone returning with fresh ideas and ready to have lots of fun with the upcoming stories.

2013 season


 June 15th, Come here how there kids can turn the Union Navy upside down during the civil war in, "Three Kids in the Navy"


Starting May 18th, at the Haywood County Public Library from 11:00 to 12:00 downstairs in the meeting room. Come and join us for a new story and a lot of fun and creative ideas! The story, sticking to the theme of the library this month, will be, "Itan and the Sea Nymph."

This week's meeting was great. We had some new recruits join us, and Luke and Gavin were quite helpful wit the ideas for next month's story. Titled, "Kids in the Navy," the story will be based during the Civil War featured around three kids who foil the plans of the Union Navy. Stay in contact with this page for the latest updates for June's meeting.


The first event was a huge success, on September 15th.  I read to the kids two stories that I wrote for my children titled, My Weekend With Willy, and Sophia and the Princess.  Then we sat down together and compiled notes for the next meeting's story,  I won't give the surprise away, but some of the ideas were aliens, candy, and pumpkins.  I thought it was sort of fitting being that Halloween is in October as well.

Come join us then, on  October 13th, FROM 11:00 - 12:00 at the Haywood County Public Library.


Plotz and the Pumpkin Adventure 

Don't miss out on this fun adventure.  Be there Saturday
at 11:00 sharp!
Story time today was wonderful!  We almost tripled the
kids this week, compared to the first meeting.
  We have a new story in the works and look forward to
getting it written.  One thing that always challenges me,
is giving the kids free run with the character and story ideas.  
This go round is taken that over the top.  So far,
the title is "The adventures of Buttercup the Turkey." 

That's right, the next story is titled The Adventures of Buttercup the Turkey.  The shots above are of the future authors, who came up with the ideas for our next story.  Come on, people, and get your kids down here.  These guys are really challenging me with this story.  You have got to hear what I come up with next month, Saturday Nov. 17th, at 11:00.  I guarantee that it will be a hoot, or a gobble.

Story time was great today at the library!  We had some new faces join the cast of our regular Kidz Korner members, and had a great time with Buttercup the Turkey.
Next month, with the kids sticking with the holiday themes for story ideas, we are reading a story called "No toys for Christmas".  Join us Saturday, December 15th, to figure out what happens to Christmas this year.